Approaching Singularity

"In this sequel to Smoke and Mirrors, more "dots are connected" and key questions are addressed with rational clarity and spiritual depth about the forces acting upon all of us as our world makes its next passage through the galactic plane of the Milky Way. This compelling narrative looks back into history and then points the way ahead for our mind and spirit to ascend through the coming cosmic singularity without fear or hesitation. Approaching Singularity will empower humanity for the next phase of our evolution."  RADM Charles R. Kubic, CEC, USN (ret)

 "In her first book Smoke And Mirrors, the author walks us through a historical financial timeline, introduces us to our oppressors and what they have done throughout history to keep their power over us in an oppressed fear-filled state. Now, in Approaching Singularity - The Genesis of Creation, we learn the truth about what our oppressors desperately do not want us to discover.  It is a must read for any theorist, whether you are interested in physics or religion, or anything in-between, this is a marvel in the power of thought and manifestation!  A true 'one sitting' read and an awakening beyond yesterday's comprehension."  Spencer L. Cross